Jeffrey Saydam

Welcome on my portfolio website, here you can find some of the project I've worked on.
I'm the most interested in Technical Art and Programming. I believe that the best games are the games that have beautiful efficient visuals.
Projects made with: UE4, Android Studio and Unity.

Death Wish - Efficient Light Script

Made with Unity3D (C#)

This script tracks where the player is in the game. With that information the script shutsdown the lights which can't be seen by the player. I created this script, because of the many lagg spikes we experienced during testing. This script has show during testing to be very efficient. We found that with this script the FPS upped with atleast 10fps extra.

Death Wish - Light Blink Script

Made with Unity3D (C#)

The environment of the game "Death Wish" is an abandoned bunker. We wanted to up the realism by the game, so I came up with a Light Blink Script. The script has many flexible options for the designer to set in order to get the best visuals possible. Some options are: Relais time is second and Random Delay time in seconds.

Side Project - Blood Rain Particles

Made with UE4 and Photoshop

In my sparetime I like to practise more with materials and particles. When creating games I love the most that a game is beautifull and running smoothly. With this experiment I wanted to make a particle system that has many particles, but still runs smoothly. Therefore I created a Rain Particle System. This Particle System has some exposed paramaters to alter the behaviour of the rain. The exposed parameters are: Amount of rain particles, Rain velocity (direction and speed of the rain), Rain Color, Size of each rain particle and the lifetime of each particle.

Unreal Engine 4 Developments (C++)

VR Developments (C#, C++)

Unity Developments (C#)

Web Developments (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)

Websites I made and which I am the administrator of:
- www.nieuwewereld.nu
- www.thuishaven.org
- www.carefirstworld.nl
- www.professionfinances.com
- www.jeffreysaydam.com (this website)