Death Wish

by Grata Hominum

Made in Unity

Intro video


Death Wish is a VR Horror game inspired by berlin. The player begins in Hitler's bunker and has to defeat hitler in order to escape.
The player has to find the ritual items in the several different rooms of the bunker.
Then the player has to combine some of the items in the combine machine in order to make the items ritual ready.
When the player hasn't died yet and has all the necessary items, the player has to execute the ritual in order to banish hitler back to hell.
After that the player can escape, but be warned, there is a huge story twist at the end!


I was the lead programmer and lead technical artist, beside that part of the designing team.

I programmed:
-The Lightning System (With Efficient Light Integration)
-The Ritual System (with VR Input, Animation and Audio Integration)
-The Quest System
-The Responsive UI System
-The AI System (with Animation and Audio Integration)
-The Combine Machine System (with VR Input, Animation and Audio Integration)
-The Random Event System (with Audio Integration)
-The Win/Lose System (with VR Input, Animation and Audio Integration)

Light Blink Script

Code Explaination:

The Light Blink Script can be used for all sorts of lights. With this script you can give a light object a blink effect.

There are many flexible variables you can adapt, to change for example the relais and delay of the blink.

This code also gives the function of turning the light on or off.

Combine Machine

Code Explaination:

The Combine Machine is an element of the game which will combine two ingredients (lay down by the player) with an outcome of one.

In the code there is written a list of possible combinations to combine, a state of combining and a support to recognize object within the machine.

In the state of combining, the code will activate particles and audio, it will also close its door for a dramatic effect.

Ritual Script

Code Explaination:

The Ritual Script handles the questline of the ritual of the game.

It is able to handle the visibility of the ritual with the input of the player. This code will also show the questline on the UI.

When the player completes the ritual the code will unlock the escape door, so the player can go to the end of the game.

Responsive UI Programming

Code Explaination:

The Grimoire class is an example of the Responsive UI Programming of the game.

The code listens to the VR Controllers for when the grimoire is called. Then the code asks the UI Handler to show itself on the screen.

While showing itself the code listens and keeps track of the page it's at and if the page has been changed by the player.